Monday, 12 December 2011

Can’t Find Your Retweets On The New Here’s How To Get The Old Ones Back

By Shea Bennett at MediaBistro:
Last week Twitter unveiled a brand new user interface on, which included a number of changes to the way Twitter looks and feels. The company introduced a range of different icons to standardize their brand across all of their official products, including web, Twitter for iPhone, Android and TweetDeck.
The revamp also included some feature re-arranging which has confused many users. Direct messages (which Twitter claims aren’t very popular) have been almost hidden away,  and the three retweet folders have gone completely. Instead, you’ll find your retweets in your Connect folder, under Interactions, and the retweets of the people you follow are hidden away in the Activity tab (which is now buried under Discover).
So how do you get your old retweets back?
It’s actually very simple. While Twitter has rolled out a completely new user interface, some elements of the previous design are still in place, and that includes two of the three retweet folders we used to enjoy.
To access these, simply log on to and click on any of these links (or when you’ve clicked on the first link, click on any of the retweet tabs). Note that when you do this you’ll revert back to a version of from several designs ago – this isn’t permanent and when you click on any other link on the page you’ll see the new Twitter design once again.
Your Tweets, Retweeted
This shows which tweets of yours have been retweeted by others.


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