Tuesday, 29 May 2012

YouTube Launches Photo App, Lets Viewers Snap & Share Instagram-Style Pictures Of Live Music

YouTube isn’t just about video anymore.  Over the weekend they launched a brand new custom camera application called FRONTROW that lets viewers snap photos of live streamed performances, just as if they were actually attending the event.  The app was launched as part of Vivid LIVE, an annual music event at the Sydney Opera House.

Ernesto Soriano of YouTube Australia writes on the YouTube blog, “During the livestream, not only can you sit back and enjoy the tunes of some renowned musicians, you can also participate right from your desktop!  In a world first, you can take photos of the event through FRONTROW camera app: zoom in and out to change your view, take photos during the live stream, apply filters and immediately share on your social networks.”
Check out the video below to see FRONTROW in action:

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