Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How A Blogger Can Benefit From Pinterest

By Sam Peters at Spiceup Your Blog:  
When it comes to gaining traffic for your blog or website today, social media is key, and few are more influential than that new kid on the block, Pinterest. Pinterest has grown from an unknown site-sharing website to a networking blockbuster in a very short amount of time, and savvy bloggers are taking advantage of its popularity and a variety of benefits that they can have by becoming a member of Pinterest.

Building a Fan Base

Whether your blog is monetized or you simply do it for the simple pleasure of sharing your views, your main goal will always be increasing traffic to your site. The more readers you have, the more publicity you'll get, which will increase your readership even more. Using Pinterest is a great way to do this.
Whether you have a financial blog or a fun crafting site with instructions on recycling sweaters, you'll find fans of your subject on Pinterest. Do a search for people with your same interests and follow them. Some of them will follow you back. Pin your post on argyle pillows and people searching for your subject will link to it, causing any number of people to check out your blog.

Finding Topics

Everyone who writes a blog has a dry spell once in a while, when inspiration doesn't come and they have a hard time finding a topic to write about. Spend a few minutes clicking through some boards and you'll find dozens of new ideas to spark blog posts. Use the Pinterest boards as a starting point when searching for new material, and you'll tie your blog posts into subjects a lot of people are talking about.

Gauging Interest

Every blog has posts that seem to hit a high note with its readers as well as those that hardly anyone shares or comments on. If you're looking for posts that create a discussion and social media sharing, look through Pinterest to find out what the hot topics of the day are. Don't just stay in your area of interest -- look through other topics that have nothing to do with your subject.

If you find a hot button subject that people are pinning across the site, you've probably got a good topic for your next blog post, as long as you put your own spin on it. If they're talking about it on Pinterest, they'll probably talk about it on your site, as well.

Pinterest is one of the hottest social media platforms known today, and will only continue to grow in popularity as the months continue on. So if you are a blogger and are serious about increasing your online visibility and readership, then you need to not only be on Pinterest but utilizing it as part of your regular social media strategy.

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