Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Buffer Launches Robust Real-Time Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Analytics – For Free

By Lauren Dugan at Media Bistro:
There’s so much more to social media than just writing catchy tweets and sending them out. You’ve got to time your updates, balance your interactions with content, and – perhaps most importantly – track your results.

This tracking just became a whole lot easier with a new update from one of our favorite Twitter scheduling tools. Buffer has launched a robust suite of analytics products for their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn scheduling, so you can now track who clicked, who retweeted and who interacted with your content.

Analytics are at the core of any good social media marketing campaign. They ensure that your efforts are measured and that you repeat successes and minimize failures more often.
Buffer’s new analytics products closes the loop in your content sharing process, incorporating your content discovery, scheduling and now tracking.
The most powerful aspect of Buffer’s analytics for Twitter users is the upgraded stats you’ll see connected to every tweet and link you send out. Now, you’ll be able to monitor, in real time the number of clicks, retweets, mentions, reach and favorites that each tweet receives, all tracked for you for free.

Here’s a glimpse into what the upgraded Twitter analytics dashboard looks like:

And clicking on the tweet itself brings you to a page of the Twitter users who are most active in engaging with your content, so you can thank them, follow them, or just build up a digital Rolodex of your biggest influencers.

Buffer analytics can help you answer the question “Why did this content perform well?” It joins a long list of recent additions to the Buffer product, including an iPad app, the ability to schedule tweets right from and Google Reader integration, which makes Buffer a tool to try if you haven’t yet.


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