Monday, 8 October 2012

YouTube Now Lets You Add Branding Across All Your Videos In A Click

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to add a branded logo to the corner of all of your YouTube videos or to feature a new video across all of your older programming?  Now you can do both of these things in a click.

This morning Chris Atkinson of ReelSEO reported on a new feature that YouTube has quietly rolled out called InVideo Programming.  With InVideo Programming you can brand all of your videos with an icon linked to your channel that will appear in the corner of all of your videos or you can feature a single video across all of your other videos.

To take advantage of this new feature, head to Settings and then choose ‘InVideo Programming’ from beneath ‘Channel settings.’  Click to choose whether you want to feature your channel or feature a video.

If you choose to feature your channel you can either have your YouTube avatar featured or you can upload a custom image in JPG, non-animated GIF, BMP or PNG form.  Note that transparency is supported so you can really create something that looks professional.  YouTube suggests that, for best results, you upload an image that is 800×800 pixels.

Once you’ve selected an image, you’ll be able to decide which corner the image appears in as well as the time and duration during which the image will appear on screen.

The process of choosing a video to feature across all of your uploads is similar.  Just click ‘Feature a video’ and choose the video you’d like to feature.  Again, you’ll select the corner you’d like the video to appear in and the duration you’d like it to appear for.  This is a great way to promote each new video as you upload it.

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