Friday, 29 March 2013

#Monetize Your Twitter Account and Get Paid to Tweet

Have a lot of twitter follower ? thinking about make money with twitter ? You have found a right place to learn how to make more money with twitter , twtmob is another solution if you want to make money with your twitter account.
Today i will review twtmob as one of not too much site that can help you make money with your twitter account.
What is twtMob?
Simple , Twtmob is a good place to “ use “ your twitter account and this is what i got from their site.
“ twtMob helps you monetize your Twitter, Facebook and social media accounts. We find advertisers and campaigns that match your preferences. You control the tweets that are sent out, as well as control the messaging. Every time you send out a campaign tweet your account gets credited cold hard cash “
How it work ?
Just like other twitter monetize sites. you will get offer from advertisers and if you have do the job then you will collect the money .


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