Saturday, 23 April 2011

Who wins the war? Blogger or Wordpress

There is an inevitable war going on in the ‘blogosphere’ and it starts with one blogging platform competing against another. The one who wins will get a control over the world of blogs. The Blogger and WordPress are unanimously acknowledged as the two most famous blogging platforms for all bloggers who are in search of web space without even purchasing a domain or a package. If you’re new to this field of blogging, it’s time for you to go through some serious comparisons between Blogger and WordPress so that you end up making an informed and measured choice. Read on to know about the comparison scale.

According to the simplicity of usage and set-up:

If the question is about which is easier to use and set-up, yes, the answer would undoubtedly be It is much simpler to design a blog with and get your own blogger account. As soon as you set up an account, you can impmediately start posting. There are also lots of designer templates that enhance the beauty of your blog and attract a larger number of eyeballs to your blog.

Installing WordPress can however be a tough job for you, if you’re unaware of what you’re doing and how you should get started. As you need to host it in your own account, you are required downloading some installation files, uploading and setting up a database in order to run the configuration script.

According to copyrights and content ownership:

You’re considering the copyrights and the ownership of content, WordPress would be a viable choice for you. You must be wondering about the reason to this statement. Well, Google owns your content that is shared with Blogger. Therefore, it has the authority of shutting down whatever you’re posting if it doesn’t like what you’re blogging about. You will not have the entire control over your blog.

On the other hand, WordPress is a self-hosted version and therefore, you’re free to write whatever you want. You can use that particular software in whichever way you choose. Having the full control over the content of your blog will certainly make you feel more confident.

According to traffic and SEO principles:

Most people are led into believing that since Google owns Blogger, there is a kind of favoritism for Blogger accounts. But this is hardly true and logical. The actual fact is that if the content in your blog is good and unique, it is sure to lure the web-spiders.If you’ve posted something in Blogger, you get the chance to ‘ping’ a limited amount of websites but with WordPress, you’re able to ‘ping’ as many blog directories as you wish and thereby boost the traffic to your website.
After going through the comparison scale between Blogger and WordPress, it’s up to you to decide which blogging platform you will prefer. The 3 points mentioned above will serve as an excellent guide to empower you with the unique techniques of blogging and reeling huge profits at the same time.


This is a guest post by Neil Williams who is  a blogger and a writer by profession. He writes articles on almost all the niches. However, finance is his forte and he has his finance blog named personal finance world which talks of personal finance around the globe.


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