Monday, 5 September 2011

‘Foursquaropoly’ Game Concept Adds Monopoly-style Gameplay To Foursquare

Here’s something that looks like a lot of fun. A group of students
from the Miami Ad School have come up with a game concept that adds
Monopoly-style gameplay to Foursquare.

which is currently in development, provides you with $100,000 of
in-game cash that you can use to purchase real-world properties you have
checked into on Foursquare, as long as another player does not already
own that building. You can then charge other players rent as they
check-in to that location and increase your bank balance so you can
extend your property portfolio.

The more popular a place is on Foursquare, the more it costs to
purchase it on “Foursquaropoly.” Every week, you will have to pay the
bills on properties you have purchased to ensure you do not lose them.
You can sell your properties (for a loss) if you are unable to pay your
bills. The app will let you manage all of the properties you have
purchased and use your in-game earnings to buy more buildings. You can
also see your friends’ earnings and the highest earners within your

It sounds pretty cool and it seems a lot like a real-life version of
Monopoly. Foursquare, of course, has its own gaming mechanics (badges,
points and mayorships), but this concept brings a whole different style
of gameplay to the location-based service. There’s a lot of potential to
monetize the game too, with plenty of scope for advertisers to get
involved and the “Foursquaropoly” team to allow users to buy in-game

While this seems like a similar
concept to “MyTown,” “Foursquaropoly” will be able to build on
Foursquare’s existing user base of more
than 10 million people and perhaps grow brand awareness.

It has no release date set, but here’s hoping that “Foursquaropoly”
is released soon. In the meantime, here’s a video that explains the game
in a little more detail.

[h/t About Foursquare]


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