Monday, 5 September 2011

Zynga Heeds the Call for Action with Adventure World Game

Zynga, the social gaming giant, has released
details of its new social game Adventure World,
expected to be launched in the next few weeks. The title is an Indiana
Jones style strategy game in which players are required to discover
historical artifacts to make virtual gold and experience points. If
Adventure World turns out to be a success, Zynga may be in a much better
position for its upcoming IPO, which remains stalled due to whirling a
stock market.

The game is said to be much larger and
more complex than all the previous titles from Zynga. The game is 40
times the size of largest version of Farmville and features five major
environments. The precious artifacts are spread along 35 different maps
and involves solving of puzzles and fighting the enemies on the way to
the artifact collection. Adventure World is design to be played in
full-screen mode and players are required to build strategies not only
within the game but also in the selection of Facebook friends to join
their team.

Adventure World also involves deep social experience. Players can
recruit friends to join their team and make different contributions to
one another’s progress. Players can also accumulate skills and items and
share them with their friends. Adventure world is a bold new step from
Zynga and it is expected to attract new players and keep everyone
engaged longer for profit maximization.

To make its IPO as easy as slicing butter, Zynga could really use
another big hit. Following is a short intro of the game.


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