Friday, 21 October 2011

Digg Brings Social Newsrooms Feature To iPhone, iPod Touch App

Digg has rolled an update to its iOS app, in which it brings its Newsrooms feature to iPhone and iPod touch devices. Other new features include commenting, social sharing and the ability to log out faster.
Digg launched the Newsrooms feature last month to help you find the most meaningful and relevant news. When you visit a specific newsroom, you’ll find the best news for each topic as determined by popular vote and the opinions of top contributors.
Through the iPhone and iPod touch app, you’ll now be able to browse the list of newsrooms and easily view the ones you’ve subscribed to — these are highlighted in blue. When you have entered a newsroom, you can choose to follow or unfollow it. You can read the top stories on the front page and also browse through stories in the Newswire.
Using the button on the top left of the screen, you can flick between the Top News section and the Newswire. Additionally, you may opt to use filters to, for instance, view stories from the last 30 days rather than the last week.


The app now allows you to add your own opinions by commenting on an article in the story view. There is currently no support for threaded comments within the app, but Digg is currently figuring out the best way to display these comments on the iPhone and iPod touch screens.
The social sharing button allows you to share stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. It also takes advantage of the deep Twitter integration in iOS 5. Meanwhile, you’ll have the option to log out more quickly by holding your finger on the Digg logo. Various performance and reliability improvements have been made to the app with regards to loading story lists, individual stories and comments.
Digg has had somewhat of a rollercoaster year. Although it has launched several features — such as Newsrooms, Newswire, an updated site design and a story view counter – the company’s founder Kevin Rose decided to quit in March to focus on new projects. Digg also has stiff competition in the form of Reddit, which is serving around 2.1 million pageviews every hour.
You can check out the latest version of the Digg app by downloading it on your iPhone or iPod touch now.
By Chris Holt at Scribbal


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