Thursday, 20 October 2011

LinkedIn Launches Japanese Support, Opens Tokyo Office

LinkedIn‘s international expansion has reached a new market as the professional social network is now available in Japanese, while it has opened its new office in Tokyo. This is the 4th country where LinkedIn has opened offices in the region.
According to Arvind Rajan, managing director and vice president of Asia-Pacific and Japan at LinkedIn, Japan has one of the most experienced and skilled workforces in the world. LinkedIn has now made it a little easier for professionals in the country to connect with each other and anyone else who is using the social network.
The addition of Japanese language support will help Japanese professionals establish and maintain their professional profile, build their personal brand, create new professional relationships and exchange information and opportunities with users all over the world. Perhaps they will be able to take advantage of new features such as Classmates (which helps you connect with fellow alumni from your college or university).
As LinkedIn — now has more than 120 million members — is committed to making sure the social network provides the best possible experience for users in Japan, it has decided to build a local team in the country. The company’s Tokyo employees will work on product, engineering, marketing and operations.
LinkedIn’s aim is to not only understand what users in the country need, but to improve the professional lives of its members, partners and customers in Japan. The company has aggressive growth plans for Japan and this seems to be only the beginning of LinkedIn’s posh into the country.
The Asia-Pacific region is clearly a big focus for the company, as it has several offices in the region. In addition to its Australia offices, the company has a presence in India (where it has more than 10 million members) and Singapore, where it opened its regional headquarters in May. The company is also considering an expansion into China, where access to LinkedIn was blocked for a short time earlier this year.

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