Monday, 20 February 2012

Add Contact Us, About Us and RSS Feed to your Facebook Page with Fanzila

By David Cohen at AllFacebook:
We’re not sure what’s more unusual — the promotion Tel Aviv, Israel-based social application developer Fanzila is running to back its three new Facebook applications, or the apps themselves.
Fanzila announced the launch of Facebook apps for “contact us,” “about us,” and RSS. Are apps really necessary to add these components to pages?
And the developer is promoting its three new apps by offering free one-year Premium licenses, valued at $1,188, to the first 200 bloggers or website owners who announce the launch.
Fanzila said blogs must be at least three months old, and have at least three published posts prior to February 14.

Posts must include mentions of the apps, a description of the promotion, and a link to the Fanzila website. Fanzila-powered blogs are not eligible. Entries should be emailed to
At the time of this post, according to Fanzila’s Facebook page, 140 free premium licenses were still up for grabs.
But we still want to know: Does anyone really need apps to implement these features?


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