Friday, 27 April 2012

StumbleUpon Reaches 25M Registered Users, Plans For Global Expansion And API

By Anthony Ha at TechCrunch
CEO Garrett Camp tells me that content discovery service StumbleUpon hit 25 million registered users earlier this week, and that those users are pretty damn active — the service is now seeing 1.2 billion Stumbles a month.
For someone like me, who sees the impressive traffic that StumbleUpon can drive to an article, the growth isn’t a big surprise, but it’s worth remembering that StumbleUpon had some, uh, stumbles of its own, having been acquired by eBay and then spun out again as a separate company in April 2009. At the time, Camp says the site had about 5.5 million registered users, so that’s almost 5x growth in three years.
If we continue at this rate, we could see hundreds of millions of users,” he says.
Last December, StumbleUpon unveiled a redesign intended to make the service more friendly to new users and to brands. Then earlier this month, it released an app that integrated with Facebook Timeline. Both changes are starting to make a difference in the company’s growth and usage, Camp says.

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