Wednesday, 4 April 2012

YouTube Launches Free Partner Promotion On The Google Display Network

YouTube depends on their creators for revenue and, as a result, like to do what they can to help their partners get as many views as possible.  To this end, they’ve launched YouTube Partner Promotion—a new initiative through which YouTube Partners can enjoy free promotion on the Google Display Network.

The YouTube Partner Promotion Team announced this new initiative last week on the YouTube Creator blog.  They explain to partners, “We are happy to announce YouTube Partner Promotion, a new program that aims to grow your audience by bringing together new and existing tools to showcase your content on YouTube and relevant sites across the web.  The newest of these tools, automatically turns your videos into ad units and places them on the Google Display Network where they can reach 92% of the internet population.  You can think of it as extending Featured Videos across the web.”
The video below elaborates.

YouTube Partners in the US, UK, India and Australia are eligible and have automatically been signed up.  If you aren’t interested, just opt out.  You can find out more information under the new ‘Promotion’ section of ‘Settings’, where YouTube clarifies that “All of these placements are 100% YouTube managed and funded.”  They say, “You can opt-out at any time, but why would you?  Sit back and watch your videos hit larger audiences through YouTube Partner Promotion.”
If you’re a partner, have you noticed a change in your views since YouTube Partner Promotion launched last week?

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