Friday, 25 November 2011

Is Small Business Finding Good Results In Social Media? [Infographic]

We can discuss how successful companies are using social media but it will be better to hear it from them, specially when it comes to small business.
I’m always concerned about small business because there is a huge difference in what it takes to be successful. When brands run online campaigns they’re usually backed up by a juicy number of ad impressions or other kind of support. Just a few days ago a friend asked me how we were able to get 100k Likes on a Facebook page so fast, I responded “they have a huge TV campaign”. His face filled with disappointment…
Point is, small business goes out there to fight with a stick. Guerrilla style. Most small businesses have pretty depressing stories when it comes to finding any success online. They don’t have the budget, the resources or the knowledge.
There are 2 infographics in this post.
The first one has some basic information on how small business sees social media. It doesn’t surprise me that 83% responded that they use social media because it’s free or inexpensive, which it’s absolutely not true. What surprises me in a good way is that their usage is increasing over the last 6 months and that they are starting to take their brands seriously by monitoring, looking at sentiment and facing all kinds of mentions.

The second one I think is looking at a more realistic state. Here are some interesting points:
  • 88% believe social media will impact their business
  • but 67% will not increase their budgets
  • I expected this to be high but this number is impressive: 96% do not use any social media management
  • and of course having a structure in terms of organization is kind of obvious that is pretty much non existent
Let’s look at it…

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