Saturday, 26 November 2011

Study: 56% of People Still Dig Daily Deals

Even though earlier this week Groupon's stock dropped 35% below its original IPO price, a new survey from LinkShare says that more than half of people would still go for daily deals. The online marketing solutions site surveyed 1,000 people and found that 56% of people would still buy from a brand they didn't recognize if the deal arrived at the right time. Forty-one percent of people said they had purchased something through a voucher or offer that they had never thought to buy previously.

These results run contrary to the idea that personalization is the key to gaining and retaining daily deals customers.
What if daily deals sites operated more like discovery engine StumbleUpon and less like increasingly personalized marketplaces? The study suggests that random offerings are actually one reason users stay on daily deal e-mail lists.
With stock shares sagging, however, leader of the pack Groupon still has a ways to go in firmly establishing the longevity - not the short, bubble-like burst - of the daily deals model.


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