Wednesday, 2 November 2011

YouTube Launches New Community Forum For Movie Lovers

Hey film buffs!  YouTube has announced a new community designed just for you.  The YouTube Movie Lovers’ Community is a forum where movie lovers are invited to discuss all things movies.

The announcement, which was reported on over the weekend by ReelSEO came subtly, in the YouTube Help Forum.  Google employee YTJoshua writes, “We want to give you all a heads-up about a new forum we’re trying out, which will give movie lovers a dedicated place to discuss their favorite films!  Unlike our current Help Forum, this new forum will not be geared toward people who may be having trouble watching movies on YouTube.  Instead, we want it to be a fun place where you can make friends and chat about anything movie-related that you’d like.”
The forum is hosted at and invites everyone, “from first-time renters to professional film critics,” to join the conversation.  YouTubers interested in talking film in the new community can check out the Getting Started Guide and Forum Guidelines.

Movie lovers are currently discussing everything from their favorite movies to what they like and dislike about today’s horror films, movies they recommend, the amazing Life In A Day YouTube documentary and more.
But the fact that they mention “first-time renters” in the forum description leads me to believe that YouTube’s got ulterior motives in opening up this new community.  When people discuss movies it’s more likely that they’ll discover new films that they’d like to see and since they’re talking about these movies on YouTube it follows that they’ll be more likely to pay to rent these movies through YouTube’s rental program.
Movie rentals area available at from the United States to Canada and the UK and what better way to spread the word about these services and entice people to rent than by opening up a new channel where movie lovers can discuss the films they are most passionate about?
Film buffs—what do you think about the new YouTube Movie Lovers’ Community?  Do you think you’ll be heading there to discuss your favorite films?


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