Thursday, 8 March 2012

How Often Should You Review Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Posted by: Brad Shorr

A Strategic Look at Marketing in 2012

Back in December I wrote a post suggesting that companies change gears too often on their marketing. The flip side of this problem, of course, is not changing gears often enough. How do you know when it’s time, as an old manager of mine used to say, to stop beating a dead horse?

SEO and Social Media

Certain aspects of Internet marketing need to be reviewed on a monthly basis, regardless of your results. In particular, I’m thinking about social media and SEO. Changes in these areas are occurring at lightening speed, and companies need to be extremely careful NOT to assume that just because something worked yesterday, it will work tomorrow. Questions that should be hotly discussed at this moment include:
·         How should we adjust our social media and SEO activities in light of rising importance of Google+ in Google’s search results?
·         What does the future of your Facebook marketing look like? Only a year ago, it looked like a slam-dunk winner. Now we see legitimate concerns that Facebook has peaked.
·         Google is now hiding certain search data, making it more difficult to evaluate results. What adaptations need to be made in terms of strategy and metrics?
·         As a larger SEO issue, two big factors are changing the very meaning of SEO. First, the line between SEO and social media continue to blur; second, personalized search threatens to render the traditional emphasis on pure ranking obsolete. Again, how do we adapt?
Six months from now, the key strategic questions might look completely different — which is further evidence of the need for continuous strategic review.


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