Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Statigram brings Analytics and Statistics to Instagram

By Ciara Fitz at SimplyZesty: 

It seems once a social media platform makes it big, it’s only a matter of time before developers create analytical tools for it. Instagram is now the subject of such a service called Statigram, which brings analytics tools and statistics to the photo sharing service.

Some of the features include metrics of the number of likes and comments received, like history and photo repartition by day. Also the site gives you statistics such as the best time to post new photos on Instagram, most engaged followers and followings and photo average lifespan. These tools would be useful for anyone looking to gain maximum coverage on Instagram.
The service also allows you send a direct private message to one of your followers or followings, much like they way DMs work on Twitter. This brings an added layer of social interaction to the photo sharing service, in addition to allowing you activate your public url to share your photos and some of your metrics.
Statigram also includes a search tool, and a web viewer that lets you browse, like and comment, follow or unfollow users. Currently 22,869 people like Statigram on Facebook, the service also provides a question and answers forum for users and is also seeking donations. The double aspects of more social functions and analytics are likely to appeal to a variety of Instagram users, and indicates how developers will always find ways to improve on existing apps and networks.


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