Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bing Adds Klout As An Influencer and Vice Versa

By at Search Engine Watch:
Klout and Bing have teamed up to include Klout Scores and influential topics into the Social Sidebar. After performing a Bing search, the "People Who Know" section of the Social Sidebar will now include people Klout believes to be influential about the topic you searched.

Bing believes this will help people connect with the right experts. From the pop-up that appears, you can click through to the influencer's Klout Profile or directly to topics the person influences.

Conversely, over on Klout, some people will notice new items to their Klout profile, courtesy of Bing. Klout will measure two data points from Bing that will be showcased in the "Moments" area.
Influences who appear more often in the Social Sidebar as a result of Search will be recognized for it on Klout. According to the Klout blog, if you have linked your Wikipedia account on Klout, your "profile will also be rewarded for the frequency [you] are searched on Bing." Klout also announced they will continue to add signals generated from Bing searches.

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