Wednesday, 26 September 2012

How To Get The New Twitter Header and Look More Like Facebook

By Tammy Kahn Fennell Social Media Today:
We've seen #newlook, #newtwitter, so I guess this is #newlooknewnewtwitter? Twitter has released another styling update, which bears striking resemblance to the Facebook Timelines released earlier this year. Now you can have a header on the top of your profile. There are two ways to do it.

From your computer (

Step 1:

Go to


Step 2:

Click on "Change Header"


Step 3:

You will be sent to look for a photo on your computer, select your favorite.


Step 4:

Zoom in if you wish and click "Save"

You will now have your header configured!



Configuring through Mobile:


Step 1:

Go to "Me" in the bottom right corner of the Twitter App.


Step 2:

Select the cog. This will open your settings and "edit profile."


Step 3:

Select "Edit Profile."


Step 4:

Click on Header.


Step 5:

Take photo or choose existing and save.

That's it! Note: If you update on it will automatically update on mobile and vice versa. So, go forth and Header. As we know from experience, these changes are likely to eventually become mandatory, so may as well embrace it ;) Personally, I think it adds a nice bit of color to the profile view. What are your thoughts?


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