Saturday, 15 September 2012

Wibiya’s New Social Toolbar Encourages Tweets, Likes, Pins & More On Your Website

This week Wibiya, a subsidiary of Israel’s largest internet company Conduit, announced the launch of a new next generation social toolbar.  The new Wibiya toolbar takes the company’s old toolbar to the next level, incorporating a new personalized social layer that delivers real-time, contextually relevant content to users, based upon their interests.

A spokesperson for Wibiya explained via email that “the new toolbar allows website visitors the option to instantly like, share, Tweet and follow social channels and content without ever having to leave a publisher’s blog or website.  The new Wibiya Bar will also detect where users are coming from on the web and deliver real-time, contextually relevant content, announcements and calls to action based on their interests.”
For instance, if you are referred to a site from a link on Twitter you will be presented with a Twitter-themed toolbar, encouraging you to Tweet.  If you visit the site via Pinterest you will be presented with a toolbar encouraging you to pin images.  If you visit via Facebook, the toolbar will encourage you to like the page on Facebook.

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