Saturday, 8 September 2012

More Social Sharing With Via.Me, Now on Android

By at Inside Mobile Apps:
Via.Me is a “social sharing” app for the Web and mobile devices. The developer RadiumOne claims that the existing iOS version of the app currently has over 12 million monthly users, and the service has now expanded to Android devices.

The Android app was tested on a Motorola Xoom tablet running Android 4.0.4. The app ran, but was a little slow at times and suffered several seemingly unprovoked crashes during normal use while testing.

At heart, Via.Me takes inspiration for its core functionality from a variety of existing services, specifically the photo filtering of Instagram and the focus on “resharing” from Tumblr. Based largely around a “feed” of content posted by members that the user has chosen to follow, the app allows for the posting of text, photographs, videos and sounds and then allows the community to like, repost or comment on each item. Social connectivity allows users to automatically share content they post on Via.Me to Facebook and Twitter — this is done selectively at the time of posting by checking or unchecking the relevant boxes. The Web interface for the service allows sharing of content after it has been posted to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email, but the Android app appears to be significantly more limited in this regard — there does not appear to be the facility to share content to other social services at all from within the app’s own news feed, meaning it must either be shared at the time of posting or not at all — or via the Web.

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