Saturday, 25 May 2013

#INFOGRAPHIC: Is Your Facebook Page Performing Above Or Below Average?

By Francisco Rozales at Social Mouths
Facebook is one of the hardest marketing segments to understand for small businesses. Lets be honest, many of them don’t understand it at all.
One of the things I always notice is the uncertainty of not knowing if the Facebook Page should perform better. Should we be getting more comments or more Likes based on the size of the fan base?
This Infographic by Quintly shows a report of the average engagement Pages get based on their number of Fans/Likes in April 2013. Look for the correct bracket to figure out if your Page is performing above or below average.
While this will definitely not determine what kind of engagement your Page should be getting because of course, your case is unique and you could be way higher or lower, at least gives you an idea of what’s normal out there for Pages with similar sizes.


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