Friday, 26 August 2011

Dwolla Launches ‘Proxi’ Feature, Lets You Make Location-based Transactions

Social payments service Dwolla
has introduced a new way for you to make payments. The new Proxi
feature will allow you to send and receive money with any Dwolla user
who is close to your location.

The feature essentially allows you to become a mobile Spot where you
can send and receive payments without having to use special hardware on
your mobile device, such as near field communication (NFC) or a dongle. The idea behind
Proxi is that Dwolla believes you should be able to send and receive
payments with anyone for any reason, based on your proximity to them.

When you launch the feature, you will be able to view all the other
Dwolla users and merchants who are nearby, so that you can transact with
any user or merchant in your immediate proximity, whether they are
stationary or on the move.

Here is a video that explains Proxi in a little more detail:

Dwolla, which revealed last month that it was processing
over $1 million in daily transactions, initially added
location-based transactions through the Dwolla
Spots feature back in March. Proxi opens up the payments platform a
little more to make it even easier for you to send and receive payments
with others.

Proxi is in private beta at the time of this writing, but you can
request an invite to use the feature in the iOS app from Dwolla’s


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