Wednesday, 10 August 2011

LinkedIn Rolls Out ‘Improve Your Profile’ Tool

When looking for a job, your LinkedIn profile is one of
the most important things to consider. Having a complete and up-to-date
profile will likely make you more appealing to recruiters and hiring
managers, which should help you land the job you are looking for in your

To help you stand out from the crowd a little more, LinkedIn has
rolled out a new tool called “Improve
your Profile.”
The tool analyzes your profile and offers
suggestions and recommendations to make it a little better.

To get started, simply click on the “Improve your Profile” button on
the Edit Profile page. Once you have opened the tool, LinkedIn offers a
checklist of recommended steps to improve your profile on the right side
of your screen. On the left, LinkedIn guides you through each of the
steps. The tool will be updated as new features are added, so if new
sections are added to profiles — such as the student
section — then these will be taken into account when offering you
recommendations of how to improve your profile.

The launch of the “Improve your Profile” tool follows on from a
recent update to the visual appearance of profiles. The updated design
includes a new-look overview section and it is easier to share your
profile and export it to PDF and other printable formats. The company
also recently launched an “Apply
With LinkedIn” button that lets you apply for jobs with just a few
clicks using your LinkedIn profile.

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