Sunday, 21 August 2011

Google+ Now Lets You Start A Hangout From YouTube

Google has rolled out a
cool little feature that allows you to start a Google+ hangout
that contains a YouTube
video directly from the video-sharing service. To do so, simply click on
the “Share” button under any video on YouTube and then “Start a Google+
Hangout” on the right. You can then choose who you would like to add to
your hangout and then start watching the video with those people.

Google+ has allowed you to watch YouTube videos inside Hangouts since
its launch and it added the option to watch
live-streaming videos with your friends inside Hangouts earlier
this month.

The launch of this little feature, which was revealed by YouTube Product Manager Brian Glick,
suggests that Google is starting to integrate Google+ features into more
of its properties.

youtube hangout

[Via The Next Web]


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