Friday, 26 August 2011

INFOGRAPHIC: How Sharing On Social Networks Is Expected To Grow

We share a lot on social
networks. On Facebook
alone we share 4 billion different items a day including status
updates, links and photos. The number of photos shared on Facebook is projected
to reach 100 billion by the end of summer. According to Mark Zuckerberg,
sharing grows exponentially and 2 times as many people share today as
they did a year ago. If that’s the case, how will we keep up?

This infographic by Summify, a service that creates a summary of news
from your social networks’ feeds, outlined just how much we’re expected
to share in the future and the numbers are overwhelming. By 2013, it’s
projected that we’ll share 32 billion items per day and that’s just on
Facebook. Sharing is expected to increase across the entire expanse of
the Internet.

Right now the average user follows between 0 to 49 feeds including
feeds from Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds. The median number of
Facebook friends for users is 401, the median number of accounts
followed on Twitter by
a user is 235 and the median number of followers a single user has is
187. On Twitter, a user will receive 8 times more links than on Facebook
— but that number could increase if Zuckerberg’s prediction is right.

How will you handle an increase in sharing?

Check out the infographic below and click on the image to view the
full size.


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