Friday, 26 August 2011

Pixable Now Lets You Browse Photos And Videos Shared On Twitter

Pixable has announced
that you can now browse through photos and videos that people you are
following have shared on Twitter.
The service, which previously only indexed photos uploaded and videos
being shared by your Facebook
friends, now pulls media that are being shared on Twitter using
Twitter’s own
photo-sharing feature as well as TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram, YouTube and others.

After connecting your Twitter account to Pixable, you can explore the
photos and videos that are being shared by those you are following.
While you can browse through photos shared by an individual Twitter user
through the social network’s new
user galleries, Pixable brings together the media being shared by
all of the users you are following into a single hub.

Pixable, which raised
$3.6 million in funding in April, helps you to find the most
relevant media being shared by your friends and people you are

It should be noted that the Twitter integration is only available on
Pixable’s Web app at
the time of this writing. However, it will be added to its iPhone
and iPad
apps in the near future.


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