Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mattel To Launch Worldwide UNO Tournament On Facebook, $40,000 Sweepstakes

UNO, the classic card game by Mattel, is celebrating its 40th
anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, Mattel is launching a
worldwide UNO tournament on Facebook.

The tournament, called the “40 Days of UNO Tournament,” will begin on
August 15. You can compete with players from around the world for the
title of “UNO World Champion.” The tournament will last a whopping 40
days and run on the UNO Facebook Page, which at the time of this writing
has over 3.5 million fans — that’s a lot of competition!

The competition is run in 3 stages and you will be able to earn
points by participating in the different stages. The more games you
play, the more points you receive. If you’re one of the top players,
you’ll be able to move onto the next round. During the tournament you’ll
be able to track your progress by viewing 3 leaderboards — one for your
country, one for your friends and one for all global players — leading
up to the last round on Sept 24, where the top 4 users will compete for
the championship title.

In addition to the tournament, which is open to users worldwide, UNO
is launching a sweepstakes called the “UNO Play, Enter, Win
Sweepstakes.” The game makers are giving away over $40,000 in the form
of hundreds of prizes. Unfortunately, the sweepstakes is only open to
U.S. residents.

Check out UNO’s
Facebook Page
and get some practice before the competition starts.
You can sign up for the tournament on the UNO
Facebook app


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