Saturday, 27 August 2011

Facebook Makes Photos Bigger And Faster, Changes Lightbox

With 250 million
photos being added each day, the photo-sharing feature is one of the
most popular on Facebook.
With that in mind, the company has just announced it will display
higher-resolution photos as part of an update it is rolling out to its
photo-sharing feature.

You can now share photos that are up to 960 pixels wide (up from 720
pixels) and photos will load twice as fast. Photos that you have already
uploaded to Facebook will be displayed at the higher resolution too.

In addition, Facebook has made some changes to its photo viewer. It
has now been streamlined with a cleaner interface as the lightbox has
been changed to a white background that places more emphasis on the

These changes have been made in the same week that Facebook rolled
out more
photo tagging controls, along with several other tools and new
features. Meanwhile, photo
filters may soon be added to Facebook photos.

This update to the photo-sharing feature will be rolled out to all
users over the next few days.

facebook photo bigger

facebook photo box


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