Saturday, 6 August 2011

"Cut the Rope: Experiments" hits the AppStore

ZeptoLab, which we know for its best-selling game Cut the Rope, launched Cut the Rope: Experiments, featuring the familiar monster Om Nom who is discovered by a mad scientist “determined to study his candy-loving behavior through a series of experiments.” The game features three level packs with 75 levels in total.
Although the premise of the this new Cut the Rope title remains the same — it’s all about swiping ropes, collecting stars and ultimately feeding Om Nom — there are some differences included as well. For instance, you’ll be using tools like a rope gun and suction cup to complete levels. New soundtrack is also included, and there’s also commentary by the Professor as he responds to Om Nom’s behavior and your achievements.

Cut the Rope: Experiments uses GameCenter for achievements and leader boards, and features social media integration with Facebook. It is available for 99 cents for the iPhone/iPod Touch and $1.99 for iPad.
Cut the Rope: Experiments ($0.99) [iTunes link]
Cut the Rope: Experiments HD ($1.99) [iTunes link]


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