Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Apple introduces the new, faster MacBook Air

After months of rumors and speculation, Apple has finally revealed the new line of MacBook Airs.
The physical design of the laptop is basically the same as the previous generation, with the super-thin, tapered aluminum body. Though, the MacBook Air did see the return of the backlit keyboard. As far as internals go, the core i5 processor is now standard, with an option to upgrade to a dual-core i7. The ultra-portable Mac now also comes standard with Thuderbolt.

Storage options for the new device include a 64 gig model, a 128 gig model and a 256 gig model. One interesting thing to note is that these are 100% flash storage options. That means no moving parts and instant startup. This sounds excellent. In fact, I can’t wait until we start seeing 500 gig flash storage available for the MacBook Pro.
For more details and tech specs, head over to Apple’s website to check these babies out for yourself. Prices for the 11-inch model start at $999 for the 64 gig, core i5 model and go all the way up to $1699 for the 13-inch, 256 gig model with a dual-core i7.


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