Friday, 22 July 2011

RIM acquires online video editing suite JayCut

RIM is expanding their presence in Sweden after picking up The Astonishing Tribe last year. The maker of BlackBerry has just acquired JayCut, a small company in Stockholm that has been quietly working on a web-based video editing service for the last couple of years.

The BlackBerry PlayBook’s browser is its strong suit, and with WebWorks, full-blown apps can be created with web languages. With that in mind, I suspect it won’t take long for RIM to start loading up the tablet’s native video recording app with some advanced editing tools. This would compete nicely with iMovie, which found its way onto the iPad only a few months ago. The PlayBook certainly has the horsepower to handle rich HD video, and with HDMI out and DLNA support on the way, it’ll be easy enough to get those videos out to the big screen. You can try out the JayCut demo over here. I’ve given it a shot on the PlayBook, and though things are a little cramped, it all scales fairly nicely in the browser, and responds to editing smoothly. The pieces are in place to even capture live video and audio through the tablet’s mic and camera.
RIM’s not saying much about their specific plans for the video editing suite, but what would you like to see from JayCut in the PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphones?


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