Wednesday, 20 July 2011

ESPN Launches ‘ESPN Sports Bar & Grill’ Facebook Game, Run Your Own Sports Bar

Ever wanted to run your own sports bar? It’s a dream for many and ESPN has teamed up with Playdom to launch a new Facebook game that turns that dream into a reality.
The game, called “ESPN Sports Bar & Grill,” gives users the opportunity to run their very own sports bar. You control everything from the sports paraphernalia that decorates the walls to the simulated and on-demand games that are played on your bar’s TVs. Plus, you get real-time sports updates and news while you’re playing, so you never have to miss out on important happenings with your favorite teams.

ESPN Sports Bar & Grill is presented by Samsung which means that Samsung’s products are featured throughout the game. The Galaxy Tab is even included among the rewards you can win for your bar for completing challenges. Other rewards include posters, flat screen TVs, arcade games, bar stools and more.
In the game, you’ll face every challenge a real bar has to face in the real world. You’ll need to make sure customers are happy, maintain the look and stock of your bar and, of course, you’ll need to generate revenue. Once you start earning money and beating levels you can buy new chairs, nicer walls, big TVs and cool paraphernalia. The whole bar is customizable, so you can cater the design and the games that are played in your bar to your favorite team. For players under 21, the bar will serve only food and non-alcoholic beverages.
One of the key features of this game is that you can listen to ESPN radio while you play and get live updates. You can also play new games or replay old games that aired on ESPN on your bar’s TVs and listen as customers cheer for great plays.
The game is completely social, and you team up with your friends to help you win rewards. In the Game Predictor “pick ‘em” game that’s integrated into ESPN Sports Bar & Grill, you can make real life sports predictions with your friends. The more correct predictions that you and your friends make, the more rewards you earn for your bar.
To try out the game, head over to the ESPN Sports Bar & Grill app on Facebook.


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