Friday, 29 July 2011

Online Game Company Nexon Launches Facebook Game, ‘MapleStory Adventures’

Online gaming company Nexon has launched a Facebook version of its hugely popular game “MapleStory.” The social version of the game, which is called “MapleStory Adventures,” marks the first time that Nexon has branched out into Facebook games.
“MapleStory Adventures” takes the elements that made “MapleStory” a massive global hit — it has more than 100 million players all over the world — to the Facebook platform. The colorful, anime-style game offers action-orientated gameplay and engaging storylines, just like in “MapleStory.” However, the game has been simplified slightly to allow for shorter bursts of gameplay.

In addition, you can invite your Facebook friends to help you complete quests. Once you have hired your friends, their avatars will appear alongside you as you attack enemies in the game. Also, you can exchange gifts with your Facebook friends so that you can help each other level up and boost energy.
During a closed beta period which lasted 11 days, “MapleStory Adventures” reached the beta cap of 30,000 players extremely quickly and received more than 40,000 Likes on its Facebook Page (it has 93,642 Likes at the time of this writing). In addition, players took part in quests more than 862,000 times and collected 14.2 million items, including gold and other consumable items.
“MapleStory Adventures represents one of Nexon’s top priorities of bringing our most popular games to the biggest audiences,” said Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America. “The game brings a whole new action RPG element to the Facebook space, a genre that hasn’t been widely explored on the social gaming platform.”
It seems that Nexon, which was founded in 1994, is planning to take on established Facebook game developers such as Zynga and PopCap Games (which is set to be acquired by Electronic Arts) and try to take a foothold in the social gaming market. Being able to build on 100 million existing players will obviously help “MapleStory Adventures” in becoming a major game on the social network. With more than 750 million monthly active users on Facebook, Nexon has a potentially huge user base waiting to try out the game.
You can check out the game for yourself on Facebook. The open beta of the game will start at 7 p.m. EDT Wednesday.
maplestory adventures screenshot


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